10 Strategies For Passing Exams With Flying Colors

Many of us understand the word “exam” to mean stress, or something to worry about. You’re probably among these people if in the past, you’ve flunked many exams or barely passed them. You can change your view of things. You only need the right equipment or tools:

1. Begin studying as soon as possible

Because it never helps to do things at the last minute! If your test is in 3 days, begin studying as soon as you get home. Don’t wait until you only have a few hours left, because studying as soon as possible will help you go over everything. By starting early, any obstacles that you encounter, you will be able to resolve ASAP.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you have concerns or something is unclear to you, ask your teacher, professor or knowledgeable classmate for help. Ask for clarifications, and ask your teacher/professor about which things you are to concentrate on when you study. While taking the exam and an item is unclear, raise your hand and request the instructor to clarify.

3. Make studying a habit and make time for it every day

When you make studying part of your daily habit, eventually, you will be familiar with the ins and outs of the process. You will know what works for you in terms of absorbing information, what doesn’t, and what you can do to improve your studying strategy.

4. Find a comfortable place to study

Your aim here is to minimize distraction, so make sure the place you choose to study is conducive to studying.

5. Plan things and really prepare

As they say, “planning makes perfect”. By planning things, you will be more organized and prepared to tackle problems. By being prepared, you’re also most likely to ace or pass a pop quiz.

6. Find someone to study with

Studying is more fun to do when you have someone else to keep you in check. You could even make up fun games with this friend or classmate, fun games that will help you remember important points.

7. Listen

Hearing is different from listening. When you listen, you actually absorb and think about what you heard. This is important, so always listen when your teacher or professor is talking!

8. Write down important points

When you hear your professor mention something important, write it down. This will help you understand and remember ideas and important formulas that might be mentioned in the test.

9. Write things in the way you understand them

Hearing your own voice/reading your own notes is like trying to make sense of a language that you yourself made, so it’s best to use your own words when you take down notes.

10. Make sure you get enough sleep prior to the exam

By getting enough sleep, your brain should be well-rested. When it’s time to take the exam, you’ll remember important points better.

These might “just” be exams, but fast forward to the future and all the exams you worked hard acing will make sense. These aced exams will all add up to a high GPA, and this GPA could help you get into a good college or get a good job when you’re ready to enter the workforce. You’ll see that all your perseverance, hard work, self-discipline and willpower did in fact pay off. Studies show that those who prepare and plan for their future are generally happier, wealthier and healthier. For now, focus on acing those exams!


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