How to Boost Metabolism in 5 Simple Ways

Drop of water

Are you struggling with losing weight and being healthy? Check out these tips on how to boost your metabolism so you can burn more calories per day. When combined with a healthy diet based on fresh and organic foods, you can be confident that you have the right formula in place to transform your body […]

10 Health Benefits of Tomatoes


Everyone loves tomatoes! Whether they are to be considered as fruits or vegetables is beside the point; after all, nobody seems to really care about their classification. The fact of the matter is that everyone loves ripe and juicy pieces of red tomatoes in their salads, stews, and even in their meat recipes. Such is […]

Beauty Uses of Baking Soda


Who would have thought baking soda would be such a great use for so many things? From baking to household cleaning to even skin care, beauty and health! Similar to olive oil, baking soda is an essential product for several purposes! The following are some of the beauty and healthy magic of baking soda: 1. […]

10 Mushroom Facts and Health Benefits


Mushrooms are tasty and filled with nutrients that are good for our body. It is also ideal for those that wish to lose weight, since there are only a hundred calories for every ounce of mushroom. Mushroom is a lean protein that helps in developing the body’s muscles, while at the same time helping the […]

Foods that Tame a Hangover


You drank and partied all night, and now you’re paying for it. Your head feels like it’s about to explode. You feel so thirsty and hungry, but you couldn’t eat because you feel like throwing up. Being hung over sucks, but you can’t stay that way the whole day, especially when you need to leave […]