Summer Shimmer Eyes


It is gettin really warm out and this make up definitely goes well with the spring/summer season! There’s lotsa shimmers going on here that will just glisten through the sunshine beautifully on your eyes! :)) Definitely wearable for any other occasions! Here are the products I used: In order… Make up Forever HD Powder (set […]

Woodbury Commons – New York City!


We went to Jollibee in New York City!!! still the best filipino food I had to cut my diet lol FAMILY! in front our hotel in Binghamton HAUL!!! Preview of portion of the things I got :) Aldo sandals (left) & Glittery flats-shoes that I’m super in love with!!! Perfume that I got my boyfriendBIRTHDAY […]

Ksenia Solo Make up Inspired


The make up was inspired by one of the cast of Lost Girl, Ksenia SoloThe lips: I used MAC SNOB lipstick – don’t have the lip color that she was wearingThe eyes: very neutral, but smoky and FAB Hope you liked it!!!

Lolo’s 76th!


Good day everyone!!! This was the day of my lolo’s (grandpa) birthday! he’s turned 76! :)) I love him although i don’t have a picture with him here but i filmed a video which soon will be up on my vlog channel pleassseeeee subscribe TODAY is a good day because TOMORROW is a Valentine’s […]

back to school: semester 2!


Hey girls and guys!!!So i think i will be posting more blogs since school is back and I will be having more breaks in between classes and by that I meant LONG BREAKS! Haha… I have a 2-hour break after my first class today and I think I’ll be meeting up with my boyfriend :)) […]