10 Tips To Avoiding Oily Hair

Oily hair is a big problem for a vast majority. Based on a recent study, it’s estimated that one out of every three persons has a problem with greasy hair. This not only affects people of all ages but people of all genders as well. Having greasy hair isn’t necessarily a sign that you’re unhygienic. It’s sometimes part of our genetic structure. There are also other instances where our body produces more oil than it needs. The following tips will surely come in handy if you’re having the same problems as 33% of the population.

1. Wash your hair regularly but not daily.

Overdosing on shampoo can cause your hair to become oilier. This is because every time you do this, the oils are stripped from your hair and this causes them to regenerate even quicker than before. The scalp does this because its main job is to rehydrate your hair. You can’t blame it for doing its job. Instead, try to wash it once every two to three days.

Trust me, this one works well. I did try and tested this myself. It wasn’t easy but it’s all worth it. I felt greasy in the first 2 weeks, but as I see my hair is actually improving and don’t see it as oily as it was.

2. Consider dying your hair.

If you already do, this gives you one more reason to do it. It’s not exactly the dye that helps you out but rather the chemicals in it. These chemicals lift your hair a bit which is enough to keep it farther from the scalp making it difficult for oil to climb. If you’re hesitant to dye all your hair, you can resort to putting highlights near the roots as it accomplishes the same thing.

3. When you wash your hair, rinse it well.

It’s not good to leave residue on your hair as it collects oil and dirt quickly. Be sure to wipe your hair dry as well.

4. Use vinegar.

Liquids like vinegar, diluted lemon juice and tea are great when applied to the hair because of a substance they contain called tannic acid. This substance works as a natural astringent that helps clean the hair but doesn’t strip the oil completely away. The hair still needs a little oil in order to remain healthy.

5. Pour beer.

Beer and any other types of alcohol have the ability to dry your hair and scalp. Be sure you don’t drink what drips down though. Here’s an example video tutorial:

6. Curly or wavy hair.

This is the sort of hair you want if you’re after natural ways to combat greasy hair. Hair styled this way is harder for oil to navigate through making it spread even less. On the other hand, straight hair is bad news as the oil can trace the hair shaft all the way down.

7. Careful with conditioner use.

Conditioners are used to moisture and coat the hair. This is no good if you’re moisturizing an already oily area. For best results, apply conditioner only to the ends of your hair.

8. Don’t brush too much.

Brush enough to keep your hair neat and no more than that. Brushing too much will stimulate the oil glands in the scalp to produce more oil.

9. Minimize or completely stop using styling products.

Applying these substances in your hair could weigh it down causing oil to climb easier.

10. Use oatmeal.

Oatmeal has a distinct quality that allows it to soak oil from your roots. You can make some oatmeal and let it cool before applying it to your scalp or go with dry oatmeal and brush it away afterwards.

Are you surprised by some of the methods I suggested? Try these out and let me know how it went for you.

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