How To Get Perfect Straight Hair

Straightening your hair is pretty straight forward, so what do we need a tutorial for? Of course, if you have that one tool ready, then you can go ahead and jump straight onto straightening. However, our hair… let’s face it, it can be stubborn at times, even more if you have thicker, more wavier/curlier hair than I have! So today, I’m going to share with you some of my secrets, just little tips on how you can achieve a perfect-looking sleek straight hair!

What you will be needing are 1 good quality straightener, 1 heat protectant (optional), 1 hair tie & a wide tooth comb or a brush. If you have thick, curly hair, then using specific hair products/creams should help you ease up the process.

Before you do anything, protect your hair with a heat protectant to prevent from damaging your hair. I like to use the Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray. You can buy this pretty much in every drugstores!

Screenshot from the Tresemme website

#1 | Divide your hair into two sections, starting with the bottom half first. This makes sure that you have every single strand of your hair straightened and that you don’t miss a part, especially the back part where you don’t have full view on.

#2 | Comb or brush your hair, preferably with a wide-tooth comb, and straighten as you go. This ensures that you distribute the heat evenly throughout your hair, therefore, providing you with a super sleek straight hair.

#3 | Loosen up your tied hair and take the middle part to start straightening it. Tie up the rest of the top half to, once again, ensures that you straighten every strand.

#4 | Loosen up the rest of your un-straightened hair and finish it off. Check around if you’ve missed small parts.

TIP (Optional): Tease your hair for that very sexy voluminous hair! Straightening your hair usually flattens out your roots so doing this does help bring all the volume back to life.

Now, go ahead and apply some shining serum, if you prefer, for that glossy finish look or you can just leave it off like mine and you’re out the door! :)

xoxo, Camil

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