Fun and Festive Holiday Make up ♡

On a daily basis, I like to choose a neutral make up look that is easy and will go well with any outfit that I’m wearing and I’m out the door in seconds! However, switching up and trying something different is what I like to do sometimes on special occasions. Since the holidays are coming up, Christmas…New Year!, I’m so excited and so I wanted to create a simple yet bright and bold dramatic smokey eye make up look for you girls and guys out there ♡

In this look, I chose to use bright green and some yellow to bring up the eyes and put all the attention to it. If you don’t like green, you can definitely choose the color of your choice and switch it up. A tutorial of this look will be up on my YouTube channel: misszxcee (I will also post in the bottom of this post).

Eyes: MAC Chrome Yellow (inner corners) & Newly Minted (outer corners)
*I can’t remember the name of the bright green eye shadow on my lids, but it is by MAC also.

For the lips, I chose a bright peach/pink lipstick that I think goes perfectly well with the eyes. You can also wear a nude lipstick of your choice here. ♡

Lipstick: MAC Vegas Volt

My question for you is: What is your most favorite holiday?

Mine would have to be Christmas! ♡

xoxo, Camil


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