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I was so excited when the package arrived at my doorstep because I haven’t worn hair extensions in a long time! It was also a perfect timing because it was my sister’s 18th birthday debut the next day so I was able to test them out the whole night and see how it worked for me. My first reaction when I opened the box is WOAH! Talk about super glam packaging! The hair extensions were sealed really nicely in a zip bag and came with a very clever idea of putting a clip of the same colour of hair extensions in a smaller pack for us to open first and see if it’s the right colour, length and general hair quality that we want. This makes returning so much easier because if the bigger pack is left unopened, they can guarantee a return or exchange for you.

In addition, when I first touched the hair extensions, I was amazed by how soft, silky and real they felt. In the photo below with my husband, I did not style them nor spray anything on them whatsoever. As you can see, they blended really nicely with my hair colour so you can’t tell that I have them on, plus they arrived straight so I only had to straighten my own hair, put these on and I was set to go.


This is the first time I wore them with straight hair and loved it!

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions carries 100% human remy hair with two lines of clip-in hair extensions: Silky Touch and Royal Remy. The one I have is the Silky Touch in Ash Blonde 22″ 200g set. If you’re only beginning with hair extensions and you plan to wear them occasionally, then the Silky Touch are more of a budget friendly line. On the other hand, the Royal Remy is their premium line if you want more volume and longevity, say if you were to wear your hair extensions a lot more and you want to invest in a long-lasting set, then this is the choice of line for that quality.

Also, the clip-in hair extensions comes in different weight and length. I have medium thick hair but I got the 200g since I wanted really big voluminous hair. However, I found myself leaving a few pieces out because I was already getting the right volume with the majority of the pieces that came with the 200g set. So with that being said, I do think I would’ve been set with 140g. To find out more information and to see which one best suits you, check out their fact sheet here.

Here are before and after photos of me wearing the clip-in hair extensions the second time around but this time, I curled them.



I must say that styling them was a breeze! The curls held on really good and of course, I sprayed them with a bit of strong hold hairspray here to make the curls last longer. As you can see above, the hair extensions made my hairstyle so much more Victoria’s Secret-y in terms of volume and length. The application is also really easy because the clips are very easy to work with and holds tightly on to your hair.

Overall, I’m impressed with everything so far that this brand of clip-in hair extensions has to offer: volume, length, wide variety of hair colours and of couse, quality. The only downside, if anything, would be that if you plan to wear this somewhere that involves dancing like crazy, then prepare to re-adjust them at the end of the night because the clips could slide down a bit. To prevent this from happening, try teasing them with your natural hair.

Hope you found this review helpful! Check them out here for more! If you have tried them, what are your thoughts so far?

Camil x

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