14th Week Pregnancy Update – Symptoms, Belly Shot, Ultrasound, etc.


How I Knew I Was Pregnant

The case is similar with my first pregnancy. Period was late for three weeks, took an at home PT just to see (without any expectations since my period is never the same every month), came out with one line within the first 30 seconds so I was like alright.. alright, it’s probably just really late. Thirty seconds later, second line started showing through and my jaws literally dropped! I was excited but at the same time, it felt unreal. So I had to take a few more at home PT (might have been better to go straight to the doctor) but the next two test also came out positve! :) Inside of me was screaming with happiness!


Strong Nausea! I could hardly eat anything because everything makes me want to vomit. I know it sounds gross but it’s the reality haha! It happens to a lot of pregnant women out there (sometimes, it continues on from first trimester until they actually give birth). Lucky for me, my nausea ended as soon as I start my second trimester and really hoping and praying it doesn’t haunt me down once I reach my third trimester.

Dizziness. Now this is very common to a lot of pregnant women. There are days when my head is hurting more than others but it was more bearable than my nausea.

Sleepy Head & Always Tired. Again, another usual symptoms for us pregnant women is that our couch and bed are our bestfriends. We’re always tired especially in the first trimester because our body’s starting to change and make the adjustments for the baby in the womb. Therefore, we’d rather sleep all day than catch up on our favorite tv show on netflix.

Very Moody. I feel like this is still going up until now in my second trimester. However, in my first trimester, I was super moody and easily irritated by little things and honestly, I noticed it myself even before I found out I was pregnant. I knew something was up when I realized how mean I was with people and even to my little toddler especially when she’s acting up.



Ultrasound and Blood Works

– Went to see my doctor but since I wasn’t entirely sure when my last period was, she sent me to an ultrasound to see how far along I am and it turned out I was only 7 weeks and a few days

– Got the general pregnancy blood works done – found out I had Alpha Thelassemia

– Saw an ultrasound technician again to test for Down Syndrome along with the FTS (First Trimester Combined Screening) blood works – both came out okay – baby’s entity is normal

– Was given more blood works to test for Neural Tube Defects (Spina Bifida) at 15 week mark as well as blood works for my hubby to test and see if he also has Alpha Thelassemia so we know the chances of passing it to our baby (hoping & praying my baby won’t carry it)

That is it for this update! Hope you found this helpful during your pregnancy or if you do plan to be in the near future :)

What are your worst symptoms during your pregnancy?

xox, Camil

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