27 Weeks Pregnant | Symptoms, Weight Gain, Belly Shot & Baby Clothing Haul

So we are approaching the 28th week (7 months) of pregnancy and I’m just thrilled to start shopping for our baby girl a lot more! I believe that we will also enter the third and last trimester which only means we’re getting even closer to seeing her. At this point, we have not decided what the first name will be yet (blame it on my husband :P) Lol, but we do have the second name and it starts with a “C” as in Camil. Anyways, let’s start with…


1. More Belly Pain When Walking
– I noticed that belly pain comes faster only within a short amount of walking. The pain feels exactly like when you start walking for a long time right after you eat (only difference is, this belly pain gets worst if you don’t stop).

2. Belly Button Stabbing Pain
– I have no idea what’s causing it but this sharp pain that randomly comes around my belly button, especially the inner part, hurts like no other. I’ve felt it three times, twice after working out on the elliptical very lightly for 30 minutes and then once after carrying heavy grocery bags.

Staying Active

1. Walking a lot
– I’ve been running some errands, taking the public transportation, and going to the mall for Christmas shopping.

2. At Home Work Outs
– I have a DVD (I showed on my 2nd pregnancy vlog) and it’s called Pregnancy Fitness. I got it from Coles and it includes 1st to 3rd trimester as well as prenatal boot camp to help me stay healthy and active.

3. Pregnancy Yoga
– I plan to register for pregnancy yoga really soon. There are a lot of classes here in Toronto so it’ll be great to stay fit through yoga.

Weight Gain

I’ve gained a total of 20 pounds. Yes, I’m gettin heavy! Lol My doctor measured everything, the weight, the belly size, and according to her, everything is great so far.

Now here’s my belly shot!

I hope this was helpful to some women out there and until my next pregnancy vlog! :)


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