37 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Time does fly by! I am already in 37 weeks, going onto 38 in just a few days… and who knows, the next morning I’ll be going into labour! This is indeed exciting as ever, although it can be quite of a nerve-wracking situation. All the mommas out there have told me about the pain, pain and pain. I’d say that mentally, I’m ready! I’m not exactly sure if I physically am. -_-


1. Hard to burp – Since our uterus has taken over all the space, I guess we have less space left for air/gas! It’s difficult because not being able to burp, especially during pregnancy, really is irritating. Actually, I’m not even sure if that’s the right description for it because it just feels like you can’t breathe and sleep until you take that little bit of air out.

2. Bloated – After eating my meal, this is what I always feel. I feel so bloated, then follows my burping problems.

3. Charlie horse cramps – It’s back! I literally thought it took its way all the way through the opposite side of the world but nope, it’s back… my early morning problems. The key to this though is once it wakes you up and you feel that it’s just starting to crawl its way up to your legs, stand up right away and start marching those knees off. I promise you, it will be gone within seconds. If you wait until the cramps reach its way up, it should take about 5-10 minutes until you get rid of it. Not fun at all.

3D/4D Ultrasound

I had my 4D ultrasound between my 31 and 32 weeks. The experience was unlike anything in this world. I mean, you get to see your baby’s features, although the ultrasound place that I went to kind of sucks. The package that they had was on sale at the time, pretty much the reason why I went to that place. The appointment took about 45 minutes, took a lot longer because our baby was moving around and around, and hiding her face with her arms too! I guess she wasn’t in her best mood? Nevertheless, I had so much fun being able to picture in my mind how she looks like! The package came with a copy of CD/DVD of the experience (I will post some more photos of her soon).

Our Baby’s Name

The first name that my husband and I chose for her is Chloe. I find this name so beautiful, even my super picky hubby really loved it. We’re still deciding what the second name is going to be, but most likely something that has a meaning behind it, whether it be a mixture of both mine and hubby’s name, or her grandma’s name, something like that.

Surprise Baby Shower

My super sweet family surprised me and hubby a beautiful baby shower. I will do a separate post on that as well, but it was incredible! Thanks to my sisters, Chesca, Kyla & Kyra, who put so much time and effort into decorating our house and making it look super girly & pinkiefied. How about my dad who pretty much helped everywhere, decorating, little bit of cooking & cleaning the house! And of course, finally, my momma, who made all the delicious cooking! I love them so much and they’re as excited to see Baby Chloe as we are!

Stretch Marks

I guess no matter what products you use and how often you apply it, it is hereditary. My momma did get a lot of stretch marks after us four sisters, most especially after the twins! Mine decided to come and visit at my 36th week of pregnancy. I used Bio Oil a lot, as well as Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion. Nope, they didn’t work.

I hope you found this blog helpful and if you want to share some of your mom-to-be ideas and opinions, please feel free to share them in the comment box section below! Take care and I’ll see you guys in my next one!

Xoxo, Camil

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