38/39th Week Pregnancy Vlog – Stretch Marks, Dilation, Belly Shot, Baby Weight & more!

DUE DATE: March 15, 2013

TODAY’S DATE: March 11, 2013
5 Days Left!

Hey everyone! Here is my pregnancy update for my 38th week and day 4th!
As you can see the photo above, my belly has gotten HUGE and of course, along with enlarged belly comes stretch marks. I guess I’m not one of the lucky ones, but what else can we mommies do but embrace these stripes we’ve earned in exchange for a very special little one coming anytime soon! :)


– Baby weight is about 3.1 kilos which equals to about 7 pounds
– Baby is head down
– 1 cm (one finger) dilated
– Belly size and weight gain is normal
– Blood pressure is perfect
– Baby’s measurements from the ultrasound are all great
– Labour can start anytime


– Increased urge to burp after meals
– Painful pelvic area/ pubic bone pops when switching positions on bed and after sneezing
– Not having a complete 8 hr sleep but rather 5-6 hrs, and another 2-3 hour nap later in the day
– Stretch marks have increased and more visible
– Gained a total of about 38-40 lbs
– Extra strong baby movements, punches in the cervix and kicks the rib

As of today, I am 39 weeks and day 3! I don’t have any other new symptoms. My pelvic area has gotten really painful, especially after getting up from bed. Baby stretches like no tomorrow in my belly and it kinda hurts! It feels as if she barely has any space left to stretch out any further. I’m pretty much playing the “waiting” game, which by the way is not a cool game! I just can’t wait anymore and just by thinking that I could be 2 weeks late kills me, because up until this point, I have not been having any other signs of labour! I’m trying to stay positive and walk a lot to self-induce labour.

My hospital bag, and baby Chloe’s diaper bag are all ready to go! Car seat hasn’t been installed but my dad says he can do it the last minute! I’ve uploaded a video on last week’s update, what’s in my hospital bag and what’s in baby’s diaper bag. Check it out :)

xoxo, Camil

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