Cosleeping With Your Little One


is one of the greatest ways we create good bonding with our baby. Of course, we all have different opinions on this. Some may say that it is dangerous for your little one, but some enjoys the bond as much as we do. Since we still live in my parents house, we don’t have as much space for a nursery room. That’s one of the reasons why we cosleep. As much as I’d love my child to learn the independency with learning to sleep on her own, we’d have to wait a little bit more until we’re sure we can support our baby to live on our own.

It’s been eight full months since we have been bed-sharing. We don’t see any issues, we’re very comfortable and most importantly, she’s comfortable and sleeps pretty well. When she was still a newborn, I tried putting her to sleep in one of those bassinet. She hated it, cried when I put her down and so, after a few tries, we just pretty much got rid of the thing completely and continued on with cosleeping. So, yes, I have tried. It was also more convenient for me since I did breastfeed for a month and a half. Also, it was a lot easier for us to pick her up when she’d cry and put her to sleep.

So, for new parents out there, cosleeping will depend on you and your baby. Consider all these facts:

1. Do you have enough space for you, your husband and your baby to sleep in one bed for her/him to feel comfortable enough?

2. Do you feel that she will be safer with cosleeping?

3. Are you breastfeeding?

4. Have you tried putting her down to a bassinet or a crib and she hated it?

If you answer yes to these questions, then you are most likely good to cosleep with your baby. As many would say, they do grow very quickly and enjoy the bond and the fun of them being very little and cute while it last :)

xoxo, Camil

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