How To Prepare For Labour and Delivery

That most awaited day is finally coming! After ten months, you are finally going to see your baby in no time. Her arrival may overwhelm you and get you all excited that you don’t even think about prepping your body for the big day! Trust me from experience, especially having been scheduled for an induction and knowing that that particular day will change forever the rest of my life. So, here are few of the tips you should do for yourself or help your lady do as a husband:

1. As your due date approaches, get as much sleep as possible – Very IMPORTANT

Once you start with your labour, your body and mind will be restless and will need as much energy as possible. Sleeping as much as you can (while you can, at least) can help you accumulate all that energy to be used for the big day.

I, being a first time mom, was really nervous and excited at the same time for my scheduled induction date, so I ended up with a two hour sleep only. As a result, when it was time for pushing, I was only able to do it for one hour due to lack of energy, and so I had to be assisted.

2. Don’t think about it too much

Especially for a first time mom, there is a big chance that you’re scared or nervous to enter an experience you’ve never had before. Thinking about it too much can stress your body and mind causing you to be restless and unprepared for the most awaited day. So, although it is hard not to think about it too much, try to get some fresh air, breathe and relax.

My Labour & Delivery room

3. Make sure your baby’s diaper bag and your own is all prepped up

Go over the list that your doctor gave you to bring to the hospital. Don’t wait until the very last week or two before you prepare the things you will be bringing. Do it ahead of time to avoid forgetting anything and as mentioned before, to keep your mind and body stress-free. Watch my video to see what I brought with me to the hospital – My Baby’s Diaper Bag & My Hospital Bag

4. Charge all your cameras overnight

I don’t know about you but documenting one of the biggest and most special day of my life is very important. Make sure to charge your cameras and video cameras overnight to avoid running out of battery. If you do have extra memory card, bring that along as well. You never know how much photos and videos you will take on the day you welcome your little one. Be specific with your husband or parent on how and what you want them to film as you go into labour and give birth. Watch my Labour and Delivery here.

5. Walk… Walk…and Walk

Most mommys out there say that walking during their pregnancy helped them a lot with their labour and delivery. Also, during labour, walking around the hospital may help get the labour process a little bit faster. Sitting on the bed while in labour will most likely focus your mind more on the pain, so walk with your hubby, mom or dad to help you focus on breathing instead of the pain.

As for me, I was induced to labour so walking a lot around the hospital helped me dilate faster.


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