Lose Weight, Be Fit & Stay Healthy in 30 Days Challenge!

We all want that nice, bikini fit body but for some weird reason, it’s just so hard to achieve! Why is this? Well, one answer to that is that YOU HAVE ZERO MOTIVATION. Everyone in this world no matter who you are needs a motivation in order to achieve something! What would be your motivation for school? Maybe to impress your parents? To get into college? To hang out with your friends? There’s always something behind those actions no matter what. But, here’s another question: What is your motivation to achieve the perfect, ideal body you’ve always wanted?

Maybe you want…

– A lifestyle change

– To fit the dress you’ve been eye-ing in the mall

– To impress your friends or boyfriend

– To be healthy

Whatever your list may be, find the motivation that will drive you to get up, make a healthy meal & work out! Are you to lose anything if you try starting? Of course NOT! You are to gain the confidence and hapiness that you deserve.

So, how do we go about on doing this?

Each week, I will be updating you guys with my progress, how i’ve been doing with the diet and exercises. Every now and then, I will update you on my Facebook page on which meals I eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

My current weight: 156-157 lbs

My goals:

– To get back to my normal pre-pregnancy weight

– To burn off the post pregnancy belly pouch

– To achieve a fit body

– To eat healthy, and STAY healthy

Let’s start NOW! You can do it! Update me your progress! :)

xoxo, Camil


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