Not Confident Without Make-up On?

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Before I tell you a little bit about my story with make up, here are a few tips on how you can start feeling confident even with no make up on:

1. Love your own natural beauty

Always remember that you are your own best friend. If you go on telling yourself “Oh my goodness, I look so horrible without make up on“, the idea is going to keep running around your head and think the same thing over and over again until you are so used to wearing make up that it’s so hard to love your natural beauty. Reminding yourself every time you wake up of how beautiful you are both in and out will help raise your confidence level. Stay out of negativity and stop caring about how the others see you with flaws. Always remember that everyone in this world has their own imperfections, not just you.

2. Start the “No Make Up” make up look

Once you’ve started to feel better about yourself and accept your true, natural beauty, then it’s time to start putting on a minimal amount of coverage. This is going to get yourself used to the idea that you don’t need all those make up junky to feel beautiful. Wearing a lot less make up only for the purpose of enhancing your natural beauty such as covering your dark circles with a concealer or applying a lip gloss on to make you look glowy will make you understand that you are indeed gorgeous!

3. Run errands with zero make up

In addition to the tips above, start being seen in public with your naked face. This will help you remember that you don’t always need to put make up on when you go out and that it is really okay to rock your natural beauty.

4. Always keep your head up

Now that you have practiced yourself with being seen in public with zero make up on or going out with minimal amount of make up, always keep your head up when you bypass other people that really are stranger to you. Even in front of your friends, always keep your chin up. Not only will this increase your confidence level within you, but also show the others that you don’t give a crap about what they think of you on how you represent the “real” you.

5. Rock the smoky eyes

At this point, you don’t have to worry any longer about going out in public with barely or zero make up on. You are that person who has confidence with her own natural gifts. Now, you are ready to turn the art on, every now and then, maybe on weekends with your girls? Feel free to occasionally rock those smoky eyes because you already know within you how amazing you are, even without having to cover your imperfections.

“You are beautiful.
Never let anyone tell you otherwise.”

I’ll admit it. I’m one of those girls who use to care so much of how I’d look if I went out in public with no make up on. Actually, up until now, I find myself not feeling too confident if I don’t put the “magic” on. Everyone, not just us girls, but everyone in this world dresses to impress one way or another, or at least once in their lifetime. I mean, come on! Magazines, TV shows, you name it… they all portray how a “perfect” look looks like. Be skinny, wear tight jeans, thick make up! This is how we are influenced, through all those types of media…or maybe it could just be our friends, or people we see around who have most likely been influenced by the media as well.

But, you see, it’s not always going to be about what’s “in” or what’s trendy. Sometimes, we tend to dress ourselves in a way that doesn’t truly or completely reflect our own selves. We try to cover up our own flaws and imperfections as much as we possibly can for a variety of reasons. Maybe you don’t want your date or your group of friends seeing those pimple scars or your beauty marks. Whatever the reason may be, it is important to take time and see whether this style of yours represents the “real” you and you’re comfortable about it. In the end, it’s all about feeling good about yourself, not how the others feel about you.

For the purpose of this post, this is me with zero make up on. You have now officially seen a photo of me with my naked face. Now, compare this photo to the one below. In this second photo, I have the foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadows… all the works. A couple of years ago, I use make up only for the purpose of “looking good” in the public. There were no confidence in me whatsoever with what I naturally have. It was really hard to go out and be seen with other high school students and guys without any make up on. It felt awkward!

Although now I still somehow think the same way, I’ve managed to not care about how they see and view me. I started going out with no make up on to practice myself at least. It felt much better actually! Now, I like wearing make up for the sake of not only to look good, but for the sake of its art. It’s just what I know I like to do, playing with make up.

Xoxo, Camil


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