Pregnant At A Young Age: How to Overcome Possible Issues

You’re reading this because there’s a high chance that you are pregnant at a young age, and you’re worried or scared. But there’s one thing I call tell you: Fear not. It is natural to feel all sorts of emotion at this stage, especially if this pregnancy is unplanned or unexpected. Regardless of all this, CONGRATULATIONS! This positive word may not mean a lot to you right now because you may be going through so much anxiety. Trust me, I’ve felt this way early in my first trimester because all I could question my mind whenever someone congratulates me is “Is that really the best word to describe my situation right now?“. But sooner than later, you’ll realize that they’re right, growing your own little baby in your belly is something to be congratulated for, because it is a blessing.

How I Found Out I Was Pregnant

About 8 months ago, my period has been consistent for the last three to four months. On July, however, two weeks has passed that my period has been late and I wonder, “What could it be?”. There were so many things I had running in my mind because I could think of so many reasons why it’s been delayed such as…

One. Completed an extreme 30 day challenge work out in the month of June-July.
Two. My inconsistent period is back, like it used to be.
Three. I’m just being paranoid, like always.
or Four. Well… that I am pregnant.

Aside from missing my period, there’s another symptom that I started feeling before I was sure I was pregnant. Since I used to follow Bodyrock’s everyday work out, I got stronger from doing extreme exercises that one day, I felt something strange. I had no energy at all and I could barely get through my push ups. It had me wondering so….

Of course, I had to bug my now husband and kept asking him all sort of questions why this could possibly be happening. As always, he’s all calmed and tells me to stay calm as well. Usually I’d listen but it has been two weeks already so I went straight to the drugstore and bought a pregnancy test. Now that I think about it, I wish I took a picture of the result, which I remember I did, but for some reason it’s gone. Anyways, long story short, I took the at-home test and we all know how it turned out. Like most of you reading this post, I was not ready and did not know what to think about it. I was panicking, had no idea what to do next. Fortunately, my sister was at home the day I took the test so she was able to comfort me and advised me to take another one because maybe the first one was just a false alarm. And so we did, but again, it turned out positive.

“Forget all the reasons it won’t work and believe in the one reason why it will”

One thing you have to keep in mind is that you are not alone, regardless of the choice that your boyfriend makes, whether to support the baby or not. Always remember that you are carrying the baby and it’s not a choice your partner has to make. Stay positive, at all times, although at first, it can be really hard, especially for a youngster like you. There’s no one else in this world that can help you the most but yourself. Don’t forget that you have your family to support you, whatever decision you make. DO NOT ever make a decision when you’re feeling depressed. Sometimes, we make decisions in one nano second without blinking and eventually regrets it. I’ve been there and I know exactly how it feels.

That is why I will forever thank my sister and mom for keeping me out of my negativity and advised me to keep the baby. If I had done abortion, I would have regret it for the rest of my life and I know that because right now, I’m the happiest mom-to-be and I’ve never been this excited in my life. I am also very happy to have a very supporting husband, although in the beginning of the pregnancy, we were on the same boat…not exactly knowing what to do… confused, scared… But all that evil thoughts were thrown out of the window!

We’re married and he is just as excited as I am to see our little girl.

Now, of course, each and everyone of us have different opinions on this issue. I guess all I’m saying is to think your MANY OPTIONS through… over and over again. Ask for advice from your family and friends. If you think you’re not ready to raise a child, there are other couples out there who would be more than happy to adopt your baby and raise a family themselves.

This is a photo of our baby at almost 32 weeks from our 3D/4D ultrasound.

Seeing our precious baby has made all the stress we had to go through all worth it. We are ready to welcome her sooner or later than March 15, 2013. All I’m hoping for now is for her to come out healthy and happy, and of course, on time! :)

Xoxo, Camil

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