Six Month Post Partum Update

Baby Chloe’s almost half a year old! I know I always say this, but will never get tired of saying that time do pass by so quickly! I was just pregnant yesterday for heaven’s sake! :) Anyways, it is so exciting for me as a new mom for our baby to reach this far of a stage. There are plenty of things I can list down on things that she is able to do already. Unfortunately, not one of them is crawling just yet. That time is almost there though :) Without further ado, let’s get this list started, shall we?

Here’s our baby Chloe Rachel matching outfit with her Daddy!

What Babies At Six Months Able To Do

– Rolling from their back to their tummies over and over again at ease

– Eating solid foods (Rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, mashed vegetables like carrots, green peas and sweet potatoes, mashed fruits like pear and banana)

– Jumping up and down while being held

– Sucks their thumb

– Bites anything they see and grabs

– Lots of movement while being held and changed

– Stares at your meal whenever you eat beside her

– Started with the baby talk

– Squeaking/screaming/yelling just for fun

– Laughs out loud whenever you try to make her laugh

– Sleeps through the night (sometimes even up to 10 hours)

– Eats their toes when you change her diaper

There you go! Those are mostly what my baby have been up to lately :) I hope yours is about the same as mine. On the other hand, a little update about my post partum:

Mommy Update Six Months After Giving Birth

– More sleep (of course) but still need big naps throughout the day

– Does everything baby related at ease

– Completely healed stitches at two months

– Stretch marks and Linea Negra are still completely visible

– Lost a total of 10 pounds up to this point after giving birth

– Pregnancy belly pouch still exist (not consistent with my workouts, not a perfect diet)

Here are my belly shots (non-edited):

Lots of work to do, huh? :)

I hope that you found these list helpful for you moms out there! Leave a comment below if you do or don’t experience the same thing both with your baby and yourself! :)


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