Long Weekend Victoria Day | Outfit of The Day

I’m wearing H&M all over except the shoes from Aerie

So this was one of my outfits during the long weekend (Victoria Day). We went to Ashbridge Park/Woodbine Beach. It was such a nice, sunny Sunday although it was a little stressful to get through the traffic, and the crowd, and the parking lots. My mom and I knew it was a mistake driving downtown and it was! It was packed, everyone was going to the beach, and there’s just no way you’re going to find a parking space unless you come there at 9 in the morning. We came really late in the afternoon so we had to park really far that we had to take the bus to go back to the park/beach. By the way, all the buses were packed too! Haha. Yes, it was intense. But yes, it was a fun day! At night, we checked in to a hotel, one of the nicest hotel I’ve been to called SpringHill Suites by Marriott. We played monopoly, had some drinks, exercised, swim (I didn’t, though). Overall, great long weekend with my whole family, and of course, with my sister’s, my cousin’s and my own boyfriend. :)


My little sister, Kyra, and I walking along Danforth to find a washroom just because the Pizza Pizza one had to be flooded. This was after we parked the car. After the stressful traffic, figured we needed a little good time by getting some pizza, can never go wrong with that ;P
My cutest baby cousin, Tyrese. He seriously grow so fast! He’s adorable :)
This guy and I, we seriously have a love and hate relationship. That’s all I can say lol. But yea, just noticed our shoes matched! Oh and those shoes he’s wearing was my gift for his birthday. Bought them online :)
This was the time when we were just chilling by the lake and my boyfriend taking random shots of me.

My mother and I! I made her look so small in this photo though lol.
My look-alike aunt, Lani. That’s what they say :)


After the running-out-of-gas-in-the-middle-of-the-lake-and-getting-picked-up-by-the-cops-twice story, I thought I was traumatized already. Oh how I hated that freezing night. Yet, I still had fun riding this guy.

This is the beautiful lake of Woodbine. ♥

How did your long weekend go?



  1. nicole says

    i feel like i knoww u ,(if that makees sense lol) thanks for sharing pics if you and you’re family ur all so beautiful and how old is ur cousin tyrese? i saw him in ur videos when he was just just a teeny baby!

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