Magenta Studios Photo Shoot Review

Chloe with Mommy & Daddy

Isn’t always nice to have that good quality, perfect shot pictures that you can keep and even display on your walls? It’s great to have those smiles with your loved ones printed and have something you can always look back and smile at every now and then.

About a month ago, my family and I had a photo shoot session with Magenta Studios and let me tell you, they were amazing! For this one though, don’t just walk in like we did and hope that you wouldn’t have to make an appointment for a session because you do. As excited as we were, we had to wait for a couple of weeks till our appointment was up, but on the good side, we were prepared for it and looked even better in pictures. The photo shoot with the kids were so funny because you’d have to help one of the staff to make them smile for the pictures and do all these crazy things, you know! They were crawling out of their spots and you simply just have to run after them!


After the shoot, we were to chose which pictures we like the best and then the package that they offer. Of course, what you pay is what you get so, my mom-in-law spent a little over a thousand bucks for many prints of photos plus this amazing frame that looked kinda like a glass but it’s actually plastic and they put three pictures together with white background of course and it displays horizontally (I know what I said probably didn’t make sense but you’ll see). Hubby and I, on the other hand, got the same framed picture but we only spent about $400 (yep, ONLY, no sarcasm at all -_-) for that and not a thousand (not like we’d ever be able to afford that much).


Excuse the quality, I only took this through my phone the day it arrived and posted it on my Facebook

Chloe with Mommy


This one would have to be one of my favourite for Chloe’s shots


…and my Goddaughter here, just look how cute she is! I love how she’s holding her dress up, the photographer did an amazing job catching this! :)


Yep, I know, adorable huh? One of my sister’s friend thought it was a baby ad for a company!


L to R: Raquel (sister-in-law), Roel (hubby), Me (of course), Uncle Jun (dad-in-law), Mama Elvie (mom-in-law), Mea & Queilen (nieces), and of course, my baby Chloe!


Here is my favourite shot of my sis and her two daughters! Just lovely :)

Now that you have seen the quality of these photos, you can now tell me they’re amazing hehe (except for the price, of course). Again, what you pay is what you get! By the way, I am by no means trying to advertise this company at all, just a big fan of their work is all! :)

With regards to my own family, we had a photo shoot session as well with Sears last year of 2012 and they also did an awesome job. We didn’t dress our best, not in the same group of colour at all, but I like how casual it was. We ordered one big frame & a canvas. However, price is still high but I think a little cheaper than having it done at Magenta. I’ll post some pictures taken through my phone as well (won’t do the pictures any justice), but just so you can have some idea as to how it looks.



There you go! I hope you found this blog helpful if you’re trying to find a good studio that takes great quality pictures for you, your family or your friends!



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    I am encouraged to go get some portraits done. It’s been forever, or seems like forever, and Boo isn’t going to be young forever. Well, neither is Mimi and Papa if you think about it!

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