Planning Our Baby’s First Birthday Party

So we are planning our very first baby’s 1st birthday party! That’s right, she is turning ONE already! Just thinking about it is insane! It’s like I gave birth to our little one just a few months ago and now, we are already expecting one of her biggest milestone in life to occur! Well, as crazy how time goes by so quickly as it is, I would like to inform every single one of you reading this blog post right now how EXCITED I am for this party. The planning (photo shoot, invitations, decorations, party favors, and so on) and the party actually happening thrills me! Now, let me share with you every single details that is going on around my mind right now and how I am imagining things to turn out!


FIRST | Location

You cannot start a plan without a location. This is going to be our base, our starting point. Without it, you can’t start a Facebook event or send out invitations because people need to know the whereabouts. By the way, if you’re wondering, I’m planning to do both Facebook Invites and Invitation Send-outs. With Facebook, it is easier and more convenient for people to RSVP and for you as well, especially if you have about 100+ of people in your guest list. With Invitation Send-outs, well, it’s a tradition! My sister loves making them (and she’s really good at it too), so it has kind of been like tradition for us everytime we host big birthday parties!

wedding-reception-hall_ Some people choose to spend a little over the top for their baby’s first birthday party, but some settle for a less expensive one. Let’s face it, banquet halls can be really expensive, varying From $25 (which you can expect just a simple roast beef, rice and some vegetables) all the way to $45 per person. Well, initially, we were looking into banquet halls, the prices and what’s included in their package. Then, we realized how much people were going to attend. So, we changed our mind and started looking into community centres, which by the way have pretty nice halls. We thought we could give our baby just as fun of a party in a community centre hall with all the added decorations. Personally, I think a kids party should be decorated in a nice, cute and very colorful way rather than high class & elegant style. But then again, of course, we all have our own preferences. :)


You’ve got to think about how much people are going to be attending, so you can choose the location while thinking about the food as well. For banquet halls, they have the three course meal plus dessert, coffee or tea. With community centre halls, you can choose your own preferred catering company and the type of food that you think your guests will enjoy. I know my guests will definitely enjoy ASIAN FOODS! :) Since we’re renting a hall in a community centre, we’re resposinble for almost everything that is food related (tablewares, drinks, dessert and so on), so that’s another something to think about.


Also, we plan to have a buffet style for the food. Actually, I was just looking into the Remely’s food catering service here in Toronto. I have not had a chance to taste their food yet, but the restaurant on the website already looks so professional, so I have a feeling it will be good (not to judge the person by its cover, I just think professionalism is important in every business is all). My family and I agree that it is way better than a per-person style because then, our guests can have unlimited amount of food, so they leave happy with full belly :)

THIRD | Decorations

This part right here is what have been keeping me up late at night. I look around Pinterest, google images, and this website called Kara’s Party Ideas. They have AMAZING party ideas and it really inspires me to go over and beyond. One of the main ones would be the “Sweet Table”.


The vintage-girly style of this sweet table setup really caught my eyes. First of all, I love the pink, polka dot backdrop and the “center vintage mirror” with the baby/kid’s name on it. Secondly, every single dessert stand and plates creates such a nice and organized looking style. Thirdly, I love how each kind of dessert are labelled, again, in a very cute way with minnie mouse’s ears on them. Lastly, I just love everything overall and I’m totally going to use this as an inspiration to create Chloe’s dessert table (credits to whoever idea this was :P).


Now, this photo above is another inspiration to add to the previous one :) I LOVE the paper pompoms added to the sides for that touch of girlishness. I found a DIY of that on google and will definitely give it a try weeks before the party. Also, I don’t know if you can see, but the little banner hanging on two straws on the cake is REALLY cute. I saw one on Michaels but a chalkboard banner (Oh boy did I fall in love).

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 4.19.36 PM

As for ceiling decorations, here’s the idea:


The paper pompoms, lantern, and maybe some balloons all mixed together creates such good party decor. I also want to add some drapes (I saw some use plastic table cloth) that hangs out from the center decor, just like you see in the photos above.

There are so much more decorating ideas that I have in mind (thanks to Pinterest), but if you guys have any other cool ideas for a party decor to share with everyone here, please leave them in the comment below :)

FOURTH | Cakes & Desserts

Now, this part is the most exciting one for me (next to decorations). There are so many style of cakes out there that I can’t even choose one, so we might have to get two cakes (teehee :P), one small and one big. On the other hand, one of Chloe’s Godmothers, Klara, a very good friend of mine, offered to make cupcakes for the party!!! I am so excited as she is also planning to open her own cupcake/dessert business. I also plan to order a few cake pops as well from this store where we always buy cupcakes & macaroons called Sugar Tiers off of Major mackenzie and Hwy 404.






There are other plenty of sweet ideas that I can think of adding to the table, which you will see in another post within a few months :)

FIFTH | Games

Trust me, I’m probably the worst person when it comes to organizing games. But this one also excites me (well, is there anything that doesn’t? :P) because there will be some AWESOME PRIZES. Nothing big like coffee maker or bottle of champagne. Something simple, easy and most likely, everyone will love! I’m thinking packs of candies & chocolates, and some Bath & Body Works stuff for the adults. Just some ideas, nothing finalized yet, of course! If you have some ideas, feel free to leave them in the comment section below :)

Unfortunately, I can’t list any games on here yet, and I haven’t even gotten to the research part of that. However, one of my aunts, who is an EXPERT with these, will give me some ideas and teach me how it works as well! :)


Well, there it is! I hope this helped you a little bit if you are also planning a birthday party for your little one. This is definitely not the complete plan as these are the only ones I have written down so far. I am also in the process of planning, and good thing I still have exactly TWO MONTHS from now to finalize everything! Anyways, have a GREAT BIRTHDAY PLANNING week or months (however long you have till the day)! :)

Thanks for stopping by :)



  1. says

    Aww she so beautiful, make sure you tell her I say Happy Birthday from Gossip Moms. I think the Mickey would be wonderful she would love that, & I know you are going to put this party together so she you all will always have great memory’s. Make sure you take some pics or vid of the party so we know how everything turned out

  2. says

    Wow! First child? You can come plan my kids birthday parties!! My first child her 1st birthday was a bunch of friends over at my parents house, the theme was “Clifford the big Red Dog”. 4 kids later, I think we’re just going to combine the kid’s birthdays all to one party, simple that way & cheaper. Enough about me, but this looks awesome! Minnie Mouse, my 2 year old LOVES her.

  3. says

    I remember my kids first birthdays as if it was yesterday.. The party planning was insane, but you look like you have everything under control. those cupcakes look amazing!! Your daughter is beautiful..

    • miss cee says

      I’m actually not quite sure about everything, but just hoping for the party to turn out the best for her and thank you!!! :)

  4. says

    Wish her a very Happy Birthday!!! I love cupcakes :) Looks yummy

    Recently I took my son to a birthday where they had a tv playing a musical show made from pictures of the child’s 1st year. It had a storyline showing the baby grow up from a newborn to the first tooth, first smile, first crawl and it had music with special effects and a personalized Happy Birthday song. It was done professionally from Smiling Snaps and was so touching! I am doing the same for my kid’s upcoming birthday and keep the DVD as a keepsake for my son to see when he grows up!

    • miss cee says

      Oh that sounds so much fun! We are also planning on making a slideshow sort of like a movie style from day one all the way to her first birthday, and show everyone at the party! :) Thank you!

  5. says

    WOW – looks like it’s going to be a fabulous party. Love the cake and cupcake designs. These tips are generic enough to use for any type of party – well a few. :)

  6. says

    Looks like you have thought out everything. I probably wouldn’t spend that much on a baby’s first party. I would probably have a BBQ or just a few family friends over . I do love the Minnie stuff though. I am sucker for all things Disney. My kid is going to smothered with Disney. :) Have fun planning.

    • miss cee says

      Thank you! It’s been a tradition for us to make our baby’s first birthday party quite big. I guess we all have our own preferences ;) Thank you!

  7. says

    We had a first birthday party for all of our children, but I found that it was really for us. If we have anymore kids, I don’t think that we’ll go to all the trouble. I think that I could use a lot of these decorating and food ideas (especially the cupcakes) for my older kids though.

  8. says

    A child’s first birthday, like their first Christmas or other holiday (ie Halloween) is for the parents and grandparents. The child isn’t going to know why the day is special. So make those memories for yourself.

    I am glad I had my kids back in the days when some balloons and a slip and slide made the day special.

  9. says

    Your little one is beautiful! I love her big brown eyes!! She is going to love her 1st birthday and it looks like you have a wonderful party planed! all the best!

    • miss cee says

      Thank you! I hope that when she’s older, she would be able to look back and say “wow mom, that’s quite a party there” :)

    • miss cee says

      Haha for sure! Thank you, yes I love these cakes and cupcakes as well. I’m hoping to get almost the exact same :)

  10. G.s. Marjara says

    Oh reading this, I went 21 years back in flash when my and my wife did all this for 1st birthday for our only child, our doll. Social media and facilities were not that good at that time. Last month around her 22 birthday while refreshing her memories through albums she was stuck at 1st birthday cake and cried to find it so nice, a kitty face. Wish good luck for your baby’s first birthday.

    • miss cee says

      Thank you :) I hope to be able to look back as well years from now and be proud how my little one turned into such a lovely lady!

  11. says

    That looks like quite the party! I would be a very happy attendee if I was to attend. Good luck in the rest of your planning. Looks like you are getting very organized and know what you want to do.

  12. says

    Camil, I’m looking forward to seeing your baby’s 1st Birthday party photos two months from now. The pictures above are pretty fantastic so I know your lucky baby is going to have a blow out celebration. Keep us posted.

  13. says

    So many fun ideas.One thing I do recommend is having a cake just for her to eat. A little cake that is cute that she can get all messy and cute with. That has always been my babies favorite part (besides playing with the boxes and wrapping paper. lol).

    • miss cee says

      Oh my gosh, thanks a lot for reminding me! I thought about this months ago and it flew away from my mind because of all these planning! I will definitely do that & write it down on my list :) xoxo

  14. says

    Such a wonderful and memorable1st Birthday Celebration that must have been. I am looking forward to trying out those beautifully made Minnie Mouse Cupcakes for my second baby who will be having her first birthday this coming June 3, 2014. Thank you for the great information!!!

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