Rockin’ the Brights! Summertime Outfit Series

So another long weekend post. The top(navy blue) that I wore was from H&M, shorts used to be jean pants from Levis but I obvi cut them off, shoes? I apologize, I forgot! ;( But I do know it was from the Woodbury Commons Outlet, one of the stores. The Michael Kors purse were given to me by my boyfriend, and his mom for christmas, I believe? or maybe my birthday. I don’t exactly remember which one, lol. The other outfit, I wore all H&M (I already posted a previous blog on it).

I was heading to a workshop called Strategic Networking somewhere at Coxwell with my boyfriend, but we ended up leaving because we were an hour early and we figured we could just go window shopping at Eaton Centre. He bought some Hollister shirts and I got some more stuff from H&M (trust me, me and my H&M obsession, can’t beat it!). I will do a haul on it soon, really soon :)

I do hope your day went well and I will see you all soon! :)


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