Ways To Style High Waist Skirt

 Bracelets: H&M
Accessorizing your outfit with a bunch of bangles just completes a glamorous style!
Skirt: XXI
There are plenty of ways you can pair this high waist skirt up. First one that I’d say looks cute is a tube top. The one that I have on is tube top from Garage (I said in the video I forgot but I actually remember now :))
 Sleeveless Jean Jacket: XXI
OMG you guys. This sleeveless jean jacket with hoody is my favoriteeeee of all time! It just glams up any outfit pretty much! Ive worn this in many different outfits, which it would’ve been a good idea if I did film those outfits I had this on, but ohwell.
 Shirt: H&M
Another way that you can pair this skirt with is a plain & tight shirt on. Something printed would probably look good too but keep in mind that too much pattern can really blind someone’s eyes.
  Green Necklace: Aerie (My new obsession)
So since I had a plain shirt on top, I like to accessorize it with this stylish necklace!
Don’t be afraid to use these kinds of necklaces as they really do glam up your outfit!
Tank Top: XXI
The last pair I have for you guys is with a tank top, preferably the one that crosses in the back (I just think it’s sexier). 
 Necklace: Aerie
Same goes for this outfit. Plain outfit, stylish necklace :)

See how this jean just really makes every outfit much more chic! ♥
Overall, this high waist skirt looks good on anything especially these three! :)
Hope you like it and enjoyed! ♥


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